Participatory Culture Foundation Jobs

Software Engineer, Amara

The PARTICIPATORY CULTURE FOUNDATION (PCF) is seeking talented and passionate engineers who want to help build a more inclusive and democratic world. PCF built Amara, which enables communities to subtitle video collaboratively.

While internet video has exploded, language is still a significant barrier to education, economic opportunity, political participation, and other areas of cultural life. Amara connects millions of people to help break down these barriers. These subtitling communities are making video more accessible globally, and are valuable in themselves for the cross-cultural connections and relationships they cultivate.

Amara also works closely with organizations to extend their reach worldwide. Hundreds of other organizations have made content more accessible with Amara, including: TED Talks, GitHub, Khan Academy, Scientific American, and many more.

PCF is a mission-driven nonprofit organization.

About you

While you're comfortable coding alone on a project for days, you see the value of checking in with your team frequently and understanding the big picture of what you're helping the users accomplish. You are passionate about building tools that help connect people from different cultures and are looking for a team of similarly motivated people.

Skills required:

  • Strong command of Python
  • Ability to deliver clean, maintainable code
  • Self-motivated, quick learner


  • Django
  • Automated web browser testing
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Git/Github
  • Docker
  • AWS

Some of Amara's engineering goals for 2017

  • Complete and release Amara v2.0, our new model for team collaboration on subtitles with a more intuitive UX/UI.
  • Imagine and build tools for language support, mentorship, and real-time collaboration in Amara.
  • Support tools/automation for testing and handling bugs, and testing features in development.
  • Make our code cleaner, faster, and more secure.
  • Use data to better: engage linguists, streamline operations, and tell stories.
  • Continue exploring how machine-learning and innovative UI/UX can improve the subtitling experience.

About the position

PCF is based out of Massachusetts, but the team is global and works virtually. You'll be collaborating with a talented and passionate team striving to make positive social impact.

PCF's engineering team uses agile development principles and team members work together to refine the process and workflow on a weekly basis. We use Google Hangouts, Skype, and Slack to communicate, and Github and Zenhub for code and project management. The team meets regularly a few times a week to share progress and realign goals, but there is a lot of flexibility for each individual team member to tailor their work schedule.

This position will begin part time – 8-10 hours per week. Engineers will have the opportunity to potentially (rapidly) move towards full-time. Compensation is dependent on experience and skill set.

Our commitment to diversity

The work of the Participatory Culture Foundation is strengthened by the diversity of our network and our differences in background, culture, experience, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and much more. We welcome applications from people of color, women, the LGBTQIA community, and persons with disabilities.

How to apply

To apply, send a cover letter or personal statement (txt or rtf) to Feel free to include a resumé, links to projects you’ve worked on, your Github profile, or anything else we may find relevant.

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