Bringing together millions of people to bridge language and accessibility barriers in online video

PCF Projects

Since 2006, we have built three major technologies – all focused on making online media accessible. To date, our flagship project Amara has won multiple awards for innovation.

We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, in order to meet our mission. Accessible content ensures everyone benefits from information that can make a difference in their lives.


The largest online platform for captioning and subtitling video. Transcribe, translate, build your own subtitling communities, and purchase professionally created translations and captions for text video, and audio.

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Amara has the solutions you need to make your content accessible and local.

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In 2006, PCF created Miro, a free and open source video player. We built Miro to foster a massively decentralized media ecosystem, based on open infrastructure, that’s highly resistant to gatekeepers. Although we are no longer developing Miro, we do continue to make the media player available.

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Miro Video Converter

Miro Video Converter (MVC) makes it very easy to convert almost any video to mp4, ogg, webM, or for your mobile device. We built MVC to support media creators and others who wanted to easily encode video, including simple options for open video codecs that are unencumbered by patents. MVC is still available, but not being actively developed.

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