Our Mission is tied to the structure of our Organization

What We Do

We develop technology and services that ensure everyone has access to all that the internet has to offer. From the abundance of free education available, to gaining insights about the many different cultures around the globe, information is critical to building a more equitable and peaceful society. 

At PCF, we work together with a single-minded focus. Driven by passion not profit, our team is committed to building technology and services that make a difference.

Our Impact

Tens of millions of people utilize PCF tools and services. Amara has enabled the creation of subtitles by volunteers and professional linguists, from 107 countries, for a broad scope of video content in over 100 languages. To date, over one million subtitles completed.

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A Unique Approach

We have built a unique culture. One that we want to foster, scale, and see reflected in the future of work, and the world at large. We started with a powerful premise – kindness would saturate every action in our organization, and infuse everything we did together.

Our org chart represented by a honeycomb captures this unique approach, where everyone is a critical component of making the structure strong. We work together toward a common goal, in an environment where every individual can thrive, grow, learn, and share their ideas.

RESULTS: Since we implemented this structure four years ago, we have seen a ninety-two percent annual retention rate, and increased our client base by 540 percent!

Our Team

Meet the talented, passionate, and fun-loving individuals who deliver innovative technologies and services that serve millions. We are an international and multicultural team! 

Aleli Alcala

Chief Operations and Sustainability Officer

Aleli Alcala image

Aleli is our Chief Operations and Sustainability Officer. She and Dean are co-leaders at PCF. Aleli is passionate about creating a world where everyone has greater opportunity. She believes accessibility is critical to making this happen. Aleli loves to play tennis and go for long walks with her dog, Kaia. She is a graduate of the University of Washington, and has built successful endeavors for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.


Thais Barros

Project Manager, Key Accounts

Thais Barros image

Thais began to volunteer on Amara in 2013, and discovered her love for translation and languages. Thais holds a degree in Geography, but decided to invest her time in a translation career. She recently received her Translation Diploma from Estácio University. Thais lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with her partner Leonardo and their three dogs, Clara, Flor and Lucy. Thais has a passion for dogs, plants and veg food.


Allison Buford

Product Specialist

Allison Buford image

Allison is a Product Specialist and Recruiter for Amara. She started as a transcriptionist in 2015, while earning a degree in Mathematics. Allison is an avid autodidact – she spends most of her free time studying languages and computer science. Currently she is learning ASL, Russian, and RegEx. She is an enthusiastic promoter of accessibility, global communication, and the optimization of complex systems.


Rieann Brown

Technical Documentation and Support Manager

Rieann Brown image

Rieann works with Amara Teams to help ensure Amara users and clients have the support they need to have a great experience with the platform. She also doubles as a Daily Operations Lead for one of Amara's key accounts. Her education in environmental sociology and work with local groups has increased her passion for more inclusive societies to meet the challenges of the future we will face together. You can also find her outdoors roaming the Pacific Northwest or just watching the stars dance.


Valentina Cordero

Accounting and Human Resources Manager

Valentina Cordero image

Val is our Accounting and HR Manager. She believes strongly that social justice starts at home, and strives to ensure that our team is well supported. She has degrees from The College of NJ and Boston University, and has stewarded multiple organizations toward increased organization and more efficient systems. Val is an unabashed foodie and cat lady. You might stumble upon her creating small-batch artisanal raw food for her kitties.


Marilia Correia

Senior Project Manager, Amara On Demand

Marilia Correia image

Marilia is a Senior Project Manager for Amara. She leads our efforts in On Demand daily operations. She lives in her hometown of Recife, Brazil. Marilia is passionate about creating a more inclusive world through subtitling, and started volunteering on Amara in 2013. She has a BA in Law from UFPE, and a Diploma in Translation Methodology from Fafire. Marilia loves to travel, learn about new cultures, go out with her friends, and watch movies.


Alice Dantas

Project Manager, Daily Ops

Alice Dantas image

Alice is a Project Manager for Amara On Demand. She leads our client services efforts. Alice is from Brazil, and lives in her hometown of Recife. She holds a BA degree in Law, and a Diploma in Translation Methodology from Fafire. Passionate about language learning and translation, Alice believes that subtitling removes barriers to knowledge and information. She loves mystery novels, collecting vinyl records, and is a die-hard Star Wars fan.


Ben Dean-Kawamura

Chief Engineer

Ben Dean-Kawamura image

Ben is our Chief Engineer, and has been the chief architect of PCF and Amara technologies since 2006. He is currently the lead developer for Amara, and was previously lead developer for Miro. Ben has been writing computer programs since the 4th grade. He aspires to write free software that solves real-world problems. Ben enjoys playing chess, watching meteor showers, and hanging out with his wife and kids – Kristine, Harvey, Anne, and Mae.


Dean Jansen

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dean Jansen image

Dean is our Executive Director, and Chief Executive Officer. He co-leads PCF with Aleli. Dean envisions a world where the work environment is a more collaborative and compassionate place. He lives in Boston with his partner Naomi. They especially enjoy hiking and roller skating! Dean is a current affiliate, former fellow, at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center, as well as the Data & Society Research Institute, where his focus is the Future of Work.


Joanna Lam

Project Manager, Key Accounts

Joanna Lam image

Joanna is a Project Manager for Amara on Demand. She studied Modern Languages, specializing in Spanish, English and French at Instituto Universitario Tecnológico Américo Vespucio. Joanna is passionate about translation, subtitling, and more recently, voice dubbing. She believes languages are a powerful bridge to bringing people and cultures together. She lives in Venezuela with her husband. Joanna enjoys cooking and baking for weekend family dinners.


Jenny Lam-Chowdhury

On Demand Operations Manager

Jenny Lam-Chowdhury image

Jenny is our Amara On Demand Operations Manager. She is passionate about the power of education and knowledge, and wants accessibility for everyone. Originally from Venezuela, Jenny now lives in NY with her husband, Iftekhar. She has a degree in International Studies and a diploma in Translation & Communication from NYU. Jenny enjoys learning new languages, volunteering, and loves different foods and literature from around the world.


Viviane Matta

Key Account Manager

Viviane Matta image

Viviane is a Key Account Manager for Amara On Demand. She is an avid knowledge seeker, amateur chef, culture and language enthusiast who wants the communication barriers in the world torn down. After receiving her BA in Advertising from her native Lebanon, she worked in accounting, and tutored kids in French. She now lives in the Bay Area. Time allowing, Viviane works on her cookbook, develops her photography skills, and learns more languages.


Sebastiao Nascimento

Project Manager, Key Accounts

Sebastiao Nascimento image

Sebastiao is a Project Manager for Amara On Demand. He joined our team in the early days of Amara, and is still as passionate about the platform and his teammates, as he was on day one. Sebastiao’s studies in Law, History and Social Sciences have brought him to Brazil, Germany, and Haiti. He is always eager to learn about languages and the boundless possibilities of communication across borders. Sebastiao lives with his beautiful family in Brazil.


Erin O'Driscoll

Technical Documentation and Support Specialist

Erin O'Driscoll image

Erin is a Technical Documentation Specialist on the Amara Support Team. She has a degree in English and began her career in the publishing industry in New York, where she discovered a passion for the interrelationship between technology, learning, information sharing and user support. Erin lives with her partner on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. In her free time she enjoys exploring Roman ruins, collecting beach glass (which she swears she will create something beautiful with some day!), learning Spanish, and volunteering with a local philanthropic social group giving back to the people of her host country.


Fran Ontanaya

Technical Operations Manager

Fran Ontanaya image

Fran is our Technical Operations Manager. He joined PCF in 2013 to support our very first Amara On Demand projects. His technical expertise provides solutions to our clients who have special subtitling requests. Also, the Tech Ops team handles media encodings, helps design workflows, guidelines, and software to ensure Amara On Demand runs smoothly. Fran is our expert in all things subtitling. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.


Judit Pinol

Amara Enterprise Manager

Judit Pinol image

Judit is our Amara Enterprise Manager. She works with our clients to ensure we meet their localization needs. Judit believes providing access to information is key to a better world. She has a background in media studies and translation, and found Amara during her travels, when looking to share video content with family back in Catalonia, Spain. She loves learning about regenerative agriculture, traveling, brewing beer and growing her own food.


Dan Reyes

Software Engineer

Dan Reyes image

Dan is a Software Engineer for Amara. With his Computer Science education, he hopes to connect people around the world through the Amara platform. Before finding his home at PCF in 2018, Dan has worked with various teams ranging from a research group for speech recognition of Philippine languages to an infosec team of a major Philippine telco. He loves to play video games, build GunPla model kits, and is always looking for street food!


Natalia Savvidi

Project Manager, On Demand Partners

Natalia Savvidi image

Natalia is a Project Manager for Amara On Demand. She started as a volunteer in 2012, and now leads our efforts in new partner development. Natalia got her degree in Physics, and worked for many years as a researcher, later as a programmer. Natalia has lived in several countries, and has learned lots of languages! Natalia has been living in Greece since 1993. She has six grandchildren, and likes skiing and playing tennis.


Sam Slottow

Recruiting and Onboarding Specialist

Sam Slottow image

Sam is a Recruiting and Onboarding Specialist for Amara. She values the opportunity to create meaningful connections that transcend geographical and cultural barriers. After graduating from Western Michigan University in 2016, Sam began pursuing her passion for acting and performing arts. Her other hobbies include winter sports, playing guitar, and laughing at her own jokes. She prides herself in her ability to hold a jelly bean in her left dimple.


Margarita Shamraeva

Quality Assurance Manager

Margarita Shamraeva image

Margarita is our Quality Assurance Manager. She is fascinated with information technology, the way it transforms people's lives and the new opportunities it offers. Margarita has worked on Amara and other PCF projects since 2010, and has over 10 years of experience in software quality assurance. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, and enjoys meeting people from different countries and cultures, learning new languages, and playing table tennis.


Jana Stotler

Accounting and Human Resources Manager

Jana Stotler image

Jana co-leads our efforts in Accounting and Human Resources. Prior to joining PCF in 2016, Jana worked as a finance/accounting executive in several colleges, universities, and nonprofits. Born and raised in Wyoming, she now lives and loves life in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica where she is able to pursue her hobby of photographing wildlife and birds. Jana is also an avid sloth watcher, and companion to her husband and six dogs.


Stella Tran

Marketing Manager

Stella Tran image

Stella leads our marketing efforts for Amara. She delights in branding for its unique ability to connect people to their personal values in an everyday way. She received her BA from Grinnell College and gained valuable work experience in the social enterprise sector as well as at larger organizations, including Yahoo! and Harvard. Stella is based in Toronto, Canada. She writes music in her spare time and collects analog synths and guitar pedals.


Melanie Ty

Project Manager, Key Accounts

Melanie Ty image

Melanie is a Project Manager for Amara On Demand. She believes in empowering women through continuous learning, so they can break free from societal norms. A graduate of Environmental Planning from the University of the Philippines, Melanie has 15 years of experience in research and project administration. She loves doing arts and crafts with her three girls, playing the piano, bowling, and reading Harry Potter during her spare time.


Raul Villalobos

Art Director and Illustrator

Raul Villalobos image

Raul is our Art Director and Illustrator. He lives in Seattle, WA and has called the Pacific Northwest home for 20 years. Raul is passionate about visual experiences and collaboration, and hopes to build empathy in the world through design and art. He has a BA in English from UofO, with work experiences at Amazon and Digital Kitchen. Raul loves fuzzy monsters, color, pen and ink, cooking for friends, and watching Wall-E see space for the first time.


Board of Directors

  • Dave Glassco, President
  • Tiffiniy Cheng, Secretary
  • Dean Jansen, Treasurer
  • Aleli Alcala
  • Stefan Magdlinski
  • Nicholas Reville

Advisory Board

  • Joel Cohen
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Rick Hess
  • Leszek Izdebski
  • John Lilly
  • Holmes Wilson

Major Funders

  • European Commission
  • Knight Foundation
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Mellon Foundation
  • Mitch Kapor Foundation
  • Mozilla
  • Rappaport Family Foundation
  • Surdna Foundation
  • William Penn Foundation
  • Opencast
  • Open Society Institute
  • Ashoka
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • ...and many, many individual users


  • Tiffiniy Cheng
  • Nicholas Nassar
  • Nicholas Reville
  • Holmes Wilson